Koinonia Emmaus Community

of North Mississippi
"Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him"
Luke 24:31

What Is The Walk To Emmaus?

The Walk to Emmaus is a 72 hour/3 day weekend in which a short course in Christianity is presented. The emphasis of the weekend is on an individual’s experience of God’s grace. During the weekend participants are placed in table groups with which they identify all weekend long. The groups hear and discuss 15 talks presented on Christian living. Ten of the talks are given by lay persons and five by clergy.

The weekend is designed intentionally as a non-threatening time apart from the noise and complexity of every day living. No one is asked to speak or share if they do not want to. There is no set formula of response expected on the weekend. If the participant’s response is authentic, that is all that is asked.

The weekend is filled with many opportunities to laugh, and even cry, to reflect, to share and to enjoy the fellowship of those with whom we experience the Walk. There are many opportunities of reflection and worship provided on the weekend.

The weekend has been designed by The Upper Room Prayer Ministries of the United Methodist Church located in Nashville, Tennessee. This was done while the Rev. Maxie Dunham was the director of the Upper Room. Each Walk follows a complete set of guidelines established by the Upper Room.

People go on the weekend through sponsorship by someone who has already been. If you are interested please contact someone you know who has been. You deserve the opportunity to go and experience the grace and love of God in a unique and wonderful way.


God showed me more in those three days than 9 months of Bible school. God allowed me to see love as a Ver. He also helped me realize that I should treat my wife as His daughter and not my wife.

William, Walk #13

God used my Emmaus walk to break me completely & show me that I am lovable and forgivable. HE met me on Friday afternoon of my walk & poured out HIS grace and mercy & it's where HE came into my heart & I sold out completely.

Bethany, Walk #68

God healed my broken heart at dying moments. He condescended to me, brushed my cheek with His breath and picked up a burden I could not carry one step farther. I was dying when I walked in. I was living when I walked out. The Lord gives and The Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of The Lord.

Verna, Walk #57

Learned what it means to truly love and serve, was an awesome experience, changed how I see people and has really me a deeper desire to serve recommend it for anyone.

Robby, Walk #71

My walk was a watershed moment in my life. I left the third day knowing that I didn't want to give my precious loving Lord any more need to forgive me. His suffering love cries out for our obedience, love for and service to others, and grace that encompasses our thoughts, words, and actions.

Carol, Walk #22

What the three days meant to me... surrender. I learned that I surrender all wasn't to be said once... and then feel like you failed God because you messed up. I surrender all was to be said ever day... and you just do the best you can during each day. His grace and mercy is new every morning.

Renea, Walk #20